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Construction Video Analysis

What We Do?

Pre-Construction Surveys

Who needs pre-construction video surveys?

You do, if you want liability protection! If you own or represent a construction company, then you will want… no, you will need to know that any and all post-construction damage claims are legitimate. It will no longer be their word against your word. It will be their word against your video!

At JJH Construction and Utility Video Analysts, we provide that video… that protection!
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Benefits of Construction Video Analysis

Benefits of Construction Video Analysis

Save Time. Save Money. Manage Risk.

The world of Construction & Utility and all additional contracting services are changing. Don’t get left behind. Creating a Construction & Utility video allows contractors, project managers architects and Construction & Utility companies to keep pace with the visual record-keeping component of any project.

New Construction & Utility video-on-demand software provides a proactive, collaborative management tool that saves time, reduces cost and protects contractors against unwarranted litigation. To find out more about how we can address your needs, call our main offices at 570-903-3127 or send an email using our online contact form.